Making this webite was so much fun I am going to do another one today!!
My daughter and I are going to create her webiste today and I can add the link to her picture on my 'people and pages I love' page.
My daughter Eilidh is 12 years old and has had her own business for about two years now. She turns boring white bathroom tiles into beautiful and colourful coaster and trivets. ~ a beautiful place to set your mug, candle or roast pan~
I am so proud of her!! I would love to take some of the credit and say that I help her out but I don't do any if it!! I will say though that I taught her everything she knows. ;o)
So stay tuned and check out her site.
Wise old owl~coasters and small trivet

Dawn Carruthers
03/02/2012 4:39pm

Love the new website (although I might be prejudice)

03/02/2012 8:22pm

Thanks mom :o)


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