I am a bad daughter! I have neglected to introduce you to one of the most important people in this crazy upcycling furniture endevor. My mother. My mom goes with me on almost every single 'shopping trip' for new pieces. She talks me out of and into many of them.  She is my biggest supporter and my voice of reason. "No Amanda we cant fit that 7 foot buffet into your Kia Soul" I wouldn't be able to do any of this without her. There are many times she has called me or I have called her (and dad for the truck) as we spot pieces on the side of the road. One of my favorite pieces (which I stupidly didnt get a picture of) was a desk my mom found at the end of a driveway on her way to work. I had to swing by and pick up as she couldn't in her vehicle. Another time we found the motherload of discarded furniture on garbage day and we had to call my dad to come meet us with the truck.
She helps me with some of my projects as well. Especially in the last few days before a show. She is my go to upholsterer.
She also works with me at all the craft shows and I know that, that it definetly not her favorite job!
She is my mom and I love her like crazy!!
Thanks mom :o)
One of our shopping trips. You would think after almost 2 years of this we would know enough to take a bigger vehicle. lol

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